How Quentin Tarantino Rocks The Philippines Barong Tagalog?

Did you know that a world famous director could also wear our also famous Barong Tagalog? I am talking about Quentin Tarantino. If you do watch the last year Golden Globes Nomination announcement and notice what kind of attire Quentin Tarantino was wearing, Philippines Menís National Costume, Barong Tagalog, and his barong was made by the Tesoroís. He visited the Philippines for CinemanilaStarted in 1999 the Cinemanila International Film Festival, remains the longest running film festival in the Philippines. It is also the lone internationally recognized film festival in the country. and at that time he stayed in the Philippines he was talking about how much he likes the Philippines Menís Wear. Quentin wore the Barong Tagalog tradionally, as a formal suit.

Why is it that Barong is not tucked in when worn?

It is because the Spaniards could see that the person wearing was not bearing any weapon under the garment.

Proper undershirt for barong.

What is the correct shirt to wear underneath a Barong, and what is the proper way to wear it?
I've seen men wearing short-sleeved shirts tucked in their pants, but also seen others wearing long-sleeved shirts left untucked because you don't see the line on the arm where the shirt ends, or the line in the waist area where the shirt is tucked. It just seems cleaner without the edges showing through the barong.

What makes the Barong stand out from a regular dress shirt?

It is its fabrics material, transparency and elaborates embroidery. Barongs are traditionally creamy white/ off set white while more expensive ones are made from better materials displaying more of a silvery white.

The Non-traditional and Traditional barongs.

Non-traditional barongs can come in any color as materials are dyed. Traditional barongs come with white to gold colored embroidery, but non-traditional barongs come in any color embroidery. Variations of the barong have also been made for less special occasions, such as Polo Barongrefers to a short-sleeved version of the barong, often made with linen, ramie or cotton. This is the least formal version of the barong, often used as office wear (akin to the suit and tie). (short sleeved barong) and Linen Barongare not constructed with pina, jusi, or similarly delicate fabrics are generally considered less formal than the Barong Tagalog and linen barongs are used for everyday office wear. as an alternative to business suits worn by office workers. [Note] under this page it has a message form, so that the viewers could also have the opportunity to react, give their opinion and share their knowledge about barong Tagalog.